Phu Quoc Food Specialities

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Thanks to its topography and ideal natural conditions, Phu Quoc island is not only well-known for its stunning and pristine beaches, evergreen forest and precious shining pearls but also offers an unique cuisine from its own specialties. Some of the most outstanding dishes of Phu Quoc is list as below:

1. Goi ca trich (Herring Salad)

Herrings are numerous and available all year round in Phu Quoc. Therefore, herring salad in Phu Quoc is always fresh and delicious.
Herrings are cleaned and sliced into small and thin pieces. Chili, lemon extract and onion are mixed with processed fish. The necessary ingredients for this dish is herbs taken from the forest on the island, copra, dry rice pancake and Phu Quoc fish sauce with chili, garlic and dry peanuts. All the ingredients mixed together make a special taste which is fragrant, crunchy, fatty, fleshy delicious, spicy and bold. This creates the unique flavor for Phu Quoc herring salad.

2. Nam tram (Mangrove Mushroom)

Mangrove Mushrooms become specialty of Phu Quoc because they only grow once a year in the mangrove forest in Phu Quoc after the first rains of the season, then they disappear quickly.
Fresh mushrooms are cooked with seafood such as prawns, fish, squid, especially fish balls. Dry mushrooms are sautéed with abalone or sea cucumbers. Even when these mushrooms are cooked with pork, chicken or eggs, they are especially tasty.
These mushrooms’ special feature is that they are crunchy, soft and a little bitter. But this bitterness is its’ own fascination that makes people addicted to its taste.

3. Banh tet la mat cat (Conical Leaf Rice Cake)

Mat Cat Rice Cake has the same ingredients with a normal Tet Cake in the South Vietnam (sticky rice, green bean, pork) but specially covered with conical leaves instead of Rong leaves as usual. Because of this special packaging, Mat Cat Rice Cake has its own flavor that differentiates its from normal Tet cake. The cake is consisted of the green jade color and the fragrance from pandan flavor mixed in rice and from conical leaves.

4. Nhum (Echinus)

These “spiky balls” can become the delicious and very nutritious after processed and cooked.
The most popular cooking style is grilled echinus. After processed, echinus is put on fire until it smells good. When served with marinated sauce (chili, lime, pepper), the echinus will become extremely tasty. People also eat raw echinus with wasabi.
In addition, sautéed echinus or echinus porridge and echinus ball marinated with pepper, onion and fish sauce are also local people’s favourite food.

5. So diep nuong (Grilled Scallops)

The scallops are grilled and skewed together. They are served with salt, chili, herbs, green banana, cucumber. The grilled scallops are both chewy and crunchy. All the ingredients combined create unforgettable flavor that only can be most delicious when enjoyed on the seashore of Phu Quoc island.

6. Phu Quoc Fish Sauce and Pepper

It’s said that Phu Quoc food cannot be perfect without Phu Quoc Fish Sauce and Pepper. They are the important ingredients that make the dishes above more delicious and differentiated from other regions are Phu Quoc Fish Sauce and Pepper. It can be seen vast farms of pepper on the island. Thanks to natural conditions and productive soil in Phu Quoc, the peppers are specially pungent, fragrant and strong. The peppers are harvested and classified into different types: red pepper, white pepper, black pepper.

Phu Quoc Fish Sauce has become the most famous specialty of this island. Fish sauce is made from long-jawed anchovies that are processed with secret methods from hundreds of years ago. The sauce has fine golden color, special aromatic fragrance and bold flavor. Phu Quoc Fish Sauce has been exported internationally and now popular among international markets.

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