Marble Mountains In Danang

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Marble Mountains are located in Hoa Hai commune, Ngu Hanh Son district, 7 km away from Danang city center.

Marble Mountains have medium height, steep slopes and spare vegetation. Because of the stone in the mountains are marble, the mountains are named after.

The marble stones are very useful in creating fine crafts and decorative objects.

Marble Mountains are consisted of 5 Mounts illustrating 5 elements in universe, which are: Water, Wood Mount to the east, Earth, Metal and Fire Mount to the west.

Metal Mount is situated on the southeast on the bank of Co Co river. Rowing in the river, visitors can enjoy the reflection of mountain and pagoda on the calm water surface. In the past there was a wharf where the Royal boat disembark for sightseeing. Recently people found out a relics of wooden stick anchoring the boat in the past.

Right on Metal Mount is a cave with the length of 50 m and width of 10 m, height og 10 – 15 m. The entrance to the cave is the natural stone steps; inside the cave is the stalactites clinging to the cliffs which form a Bodhisattva statue with same height of human.

After discovery of the cave, its entrance was widened and named “Quan The Am”. The festival of the pagoda is held on 19thFebuary in Lunar Calendar.

Wood Mount is in the east, close to the sea and Thuy Son island. The east and the south of the mount is sand caves, the north is farming fields, the west is villages. Although it is Wood Mount, it has sparse vegetation. The rocky peak is drifted into jags like rooster comb so that it is called Rooster Comb Mount. There is a marble stone block with shape like a sitting man; local people call it Guanyin.

Water Mount is located on a large land of about 15 ha and is the highest mount in Marble Mountains. The mount has another name “Tam Thai” due to its 3 tops allocated in 3 floors like the arrangement of Tam Thai stars in universe. The highest peak which is called Thuong Thai is on the north; the southern peak is lower and called Trung Thai; the lowest is on the east and called Ha Thai.

Most of the temples, pagodas and caves are concentrated in Water Mount. Within this mount, Linh Ung Pagoda is an important building of history and Buddhism.

Fire Mount includes 2 mounts and a rocky path connecting these 2 mounts. The west mount near Metal Mount is Yang Fire Mount, lying next to Co Co river. The east mount which is near the road to Hoi An is Yin Fire Mount with protruding peak, slopes with transverse and crossing grains which make into slices. The eastern cusp has a cave running from the southern flank to the northern flank.

Wood Mount is located to the north of Metal Mount and the west of Water Mount. This is the lowest and also longest mount, looking like a dragon lying on sand. The mount has two floors with heaving rocks at the top; especially in the eastern slopes. The northern slopes are steeper with raising narrow cliffs.

The mountain body is covered with a thin layer of grass, revealing plenty rooms of red color clay bricks from Champa.

The mountain has a cave of which entrance is facing the south west, is called Toad or Bodhi cave. The niche to the cave is narrow fitting a person passing. It was used as a place for local people and soldiers hiding from enemies during Vietnam wars.

Turkey Mountain is located in the mountains north and west Kim Son islet Thuy Son island. This is mountain land, but also the lowest longest, looks like a dragon lying on the sand.

West River Ba Tho Son is the rub. Mount has two floors, heaving rocks at the top, especially in the eastern slopes. Northern slopes steeper, with steep cliffs, narrow and low.

Body mountains with a thin layer of grass cover to reveal plenty of room colors red clay bricks are more ancient Champa.

In the mountains there is a cave door facing west, deep into the mountain cave called the Cave Toad or Bodhi. The cave is very narrow niche, just enough a bypass.

In two wars against the French and U.S. officials, soldiers and local people hang Bo was considered as a natural tunnels, an anti-raid locations, ensuring safety in all situations.

Marble Mountains are considered the giant penjing in the middle of Danang city. It is not only a cultural symbol of each person in Danang, but also an appealing tourist destination in Central Tourism – Heritage Trail.

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