Fasipan Mountain

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Fansipan, which belongs to Hoang Lien Son Range is the highest peak in Vietnam as well as among 3 countries in Indochina so it was called as “The roof of Indochina”.

Hoang Lien Son Range has the length of 280 km from Phong Tho to Hoa Binh, the width of mountain foot is 75 km, inlcluding 3 blocks: Bach Moc Luong Tu, Fansipan and Pu Luong. Fansipan is the most exotic and mysterious is Fansipan peak. Many tourists come to Fansipan seeking for adventurous experience and attempt to reach the top to feel the triumph of conquering the top.

At the mountain foot is many trees growing in bushes which create the name for its own places, such as Coc Leu for “Place of Rice tree”, Coc San for “Place of jackfruit trees”. From this place to elevation of 700 m is the tropical belt with the dense forest, bushwood. There are many rare wood in this area, especially pomu wood and azalea are the most popular representative of this area.

The floral system within Fansipan mountain is very diverse with many precious species and it’s also the ideal environment for flowers, such as orchids, roses, etc. There are 643 species of orchids in Vietnam and Fansipan itself owns 330 species. People often travel here in spring to admire the beauty of azalea and orchid blossoms color the whole peak.

In the elevation of 2,400 m, wind and clouds are so well mixed together that clouds can be grasped by hand. From 2,800 altitude, clouds suddenly disappear, the sky is clear and blue. Because of the tough condition of high pressure and strong wind at this altitude, the vegetation must stick themselves into stones. The ground is covered by short bamboo at 25 to 30-metre height with bare stems with few leaves on top.

At the point of 2,963 m remarks the year 1905 when the French conquered the peak in the past. Higher on top is a huge flagstone that is chocked by smaller stones like a table. It’s when people recognize they reach the highest peak of Indochina. From this highest point, people can have panoramic view of the whole area of Sapa, where the evergreen forest, blossoms of flowers and majestic landscape of the mountains.

Fansipan attract many tourists coming for adventure tour which allows them challenge themselves. The most popular schedule for people to climb up to the peak is 3-day tour. In the first morning, people travel from Sapa town to Tram Ton pass.

People can stop for sleeping overnight at the altitude of 1,900 m. The second day is to trekking up to the peak at 3,143 m and take a break for lunch here. Then people come back the point of 1,900 m and back to Sapa in different way, where there is transportation available to pick them up back to Sapa.

Tourists can hire porters and tour guide at the mountain foot. At the stopover, the guide or the porter will cook for the tourists and they may utilize available bamboo sprouts for the meal. The atmosphere is humid and temperature always goes down deeply so tourists need to prepare sleeping bag, blanket and coats or jackets.

The essential gadgets for the hiking are hiking shoes, raincoat, tent, sleeping bag, medicines, candies (to increase glucose in blood and reduce the hard breathing and bad feeling in chest. Limiting personal belongings help to reduce gravity and make the hiking easier. But the most important thing is that the climbers need to prepare good health so that they can deal with high pressure, bad weather condition and long tough trail.

The ideal time for hiking in Fansipan is from September to March of the next year. But Fansipan trail is most beautiful and majestic in February when flower blossoms all over the mountain.

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